Conditions of entry


The Toowoomba Swap organisers (DDVVMC) reserve the right to evict anyone for any reason, especially failure to follow the conditions listed below:

  • Public liability. DDVVMC Inc. public liability insurance does not provide cover to swap site holders and DDVVMC Inc. accepts no liability for acts of negligence on a site holder’s swap site. It is the responsibility of swap site holders to arrange their own public liability insurance cover.
  • Alcohol. Police on duty during the swap meet can prosecute site holders who drink alcohol on their sites during trading hours. The Show Society operates a number of bars and alcohol can only be consumed legally within the confines of these areas. In the evenings, however, a swap camp site is deemed to be a person's residence and a site holder is able to drink once the site has closed to the public.
  • All vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of your individual swap site. Vehicles left in roadways, pathways or in any place that restricts access will be removed from the grounds at the owner's expense.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed inside the showgrounds complex and will be ejected.
  • Vehicles are not to be ridden or driven around the grounds except for entry and exit.
  • Test-driving of any vehicle on the grounds is forbidden.
  • Operation of drones above crowds is strictly prohibited.
  • Generators are not to be used after 10:00pm or before 6:00am.
  • Generators must be 2 KVA or smaller and fitted with an adequate silencer.
  • Electric leads cannot be run across walkways or roadways.
  • Rebooking of sites must be completed by the original site holder only. DDVVMC reserves the right to refuse the rebooking of sites.
  • When leaving, sites must be left in a tidy condition or a further booking will be cancelled.
  • All catering rights are reserved by the DDVVMC.


Instructions from Swap Personnel should be followed in a safe and timely matter. Refusal to follow instructions will mean police involvement.


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