Saturday traffic plan

Traffic Plan for Saturday, 2nd February 2019



In response to previous years, and the massive traffic jams that have occurred, the Toowoomba Swap Committee have introduced changed road conditions during the Saturday morning of the Toowoomba Swap Meet. From 5am, Saturday 2nd February 2019, until approximately 12pm of the same day, both lanes of Harvey Road will be one way heading south.


For this reason, we request that all site holders or visitors to the Swap make themselves aware of the following:

  • Site holders should travel down Glenvale Rd in the right hand lane and enter the grounds through the Main Gate or Gate 2 depending on the position of your site.


Please use the Main Gate for sites in Sideshow Alley, Machinery Hill, the Founders and Berghofer pavilions and the Model Market.

Please use Gate 2 for sites in the Main Arena, Village Green, Cattle, Equestrian and Lake areas and pavilions.


Display Vehicles should use the right hand lane in Glenvale Road to enter through Gate 2. Please follow the instructions of Swap Officials at Gate 2 and park around the ring of the Main Arena.


Site holders are discouraged from entering the swap from the southern end of Harvey Rd. Site Holders who try to enter the swap from the southern end of Harvey Road, will be delayed entry, as Gate 7 will be locked.



Visitors to the Swap will be able to travel down Glenvale Road in both lanes. Please be aware that the northern carpark will fill very early. The policeman on duty on the corner of Harvey and Glenvale Roads, will then direct two lanes to the left into Harvey Road.

Entry to the Southern Car Park will be through Gate 8, where staff will admit two lanes of traffic and park vehicles far more quickly than in previous years.


After 12:00pm, traffic along Harvey Road will revert to two ways. If you leave the Swap before 12:00pm, you will be directed to travel in a southerly direction along Harvey Road (see red arrows). The route back to Toowoomba will be through the Glenvale Estate, along Panorama Drive.


After 12pm, visitors parked in the southern car park will be able to leave via Gate 8. Please follow all instructions by parking personnel to minimise the risk of vehicle/pedestrian accidents.


Please note: Gate 4, which was an entry point in previous years, will be closed. Do not attempt to enter through this gate. All public admissions are through the turnstiles only.


If you have e-tickets, these can only be used for access through the Turnstiles. A designated line will be available for e-ticket use. Please follow all instructions from Swap Personnel.


Access to Parts Pickup Collection will be delayed until 12pm, when the traffic flow reverts to normal. Please make your collection arrangements accordingly.

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