Gate Times

Siteholders will be admitted to the showgrounds at 1:00pm on Friday to allow time for setting up only. Entry will be via gate 8 (Southern Carpark in Harvey Rd).

The Main Gate (Gate 1) will then be opened at 1:30pm. Siteholders will be able to camp on their sites on Friday and Saturday nights. However, the Founders and Berghofer pavilions, as well as the Model Market, will be locked at night so these siteholders are able to camp outside the pavilion.

Gate 1 will remain open for the duration of the Swap. Gate 2 will be opened at 5:00am Saturday for display vehicles only.


Siteholders are required to park their vehicle within the boundaries of their allotted site. It is a Qld Fire Service requirement that we allow only one vehicle per site. As the Main Arena is used for a car display, it is essential that site holders do not leave their vehicles around the Main Arena.

Gate 3 allows entry to the camping area. Check out the Camping page for more information.